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Many current homeowners have been looking at the housing market wanting to make a move. They’ve either thought about selling their current home to change home sizes, to be in a better location or maybe just a new build. Some are looking at how much their current home is worth and wish they could sell and keep some of their profits. But, unfortunately the thought of selling and not being able to find the right home scares a lot of them from moving forward.

When you’re selling your home, you traditionally have three options, you can either:
  1. Buy your next home without first selling your current home OR
  2. You find a home you like, then make an offer that is contingent on the sale of your current home OR
  3. You can sell your current home first, then move into interim housing while you find the right new home to purchase.
Challenges with Current Options:

All of these options are somewhat challenging for most people.

  • In the first scenario, you’ll need to have enough savings for a down payment, qualify for two mortgages simultaneously, and carry both mortgages for some period of time. This option isn’t ideal as it requires additional funds and is more costly, so most clients do not choose this option.
  • With the second option, your offer is less attractive to sellers as they’ll need to wait for you to sell your current residence before closing. In today’s market, sellers are looking for an offer that will close sooner and with more certainty. This option isn’t ideal, as a contingent offers won’t be as competitive.
  • With the third option, not only do you have to deal with the logistics of finding interim housing and moving twice, but you also have to deal with the additional financial burden. This is both inconvenient and expensive, so it’s far from ideal.
How Can I Help You Solve This Problem?

I have an exclusive partnership with a company that allows you to buy your new home first, then sell your current one. You get to determine your own timeline. I get you a guaranteed offer on your home, unlocking the equity in your home so that you can make a non contingent offer. Then, the company will purchase your current home from you once you’ve found your new home.

Here’s How It Works:

1. I will get the company to give you a guaranteed fair market value offer on your current home.

2. We will search for your new home and submit strong offers with no lending or sale contingencies.

3. Once your offer gets accepted, my partner company will buy your home at the initial offer they gave you. They can close in days, this way you can use that cash to close on your new home.

4. The best part is, once you’ve moved out of your old home and into your new home, I’ll work with you to get your home prepped and ready to list for sale. If the home sells for more than the price you initially got, the company will give you the additional cash minus selling cost and program fees. This way you know you didn’t leave any money on the table.

How To Qualify For This Program

  • You must have at least 20% equity in your current home
  • This can be for your primary or secondary residence
  • Valued between $200 – $2,000,000
  • Measure between 750 – 7,500 square feet
  • Has public water connection
  • Your home must be a single-family home, townhome or condo
  • Any solar financing or lease will need to be able to be paid off at closing.
  • Is not a Short Sale or Pre-foreclosure
  • Has to be considered habitable
  • Not on unincorporated land
Find Out How Much Your Home is Worth

Reasons Why You Will Love This Program

Freedom to Move Forward: You don’t have to worry about owning two homes, carrying two mortgages, or finding a short term rental.

You’re in Complete Control: You get to pick your closing date and move forward seamlessly with no home sale or financing contingencies.

Maximize Price: After you sell, the company will work with me to repair and prepare your home to list at market value. If it sells for more than the price they paid, you get the profit!

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